The Quiz

In our e-book "ChatGPT and Its Appliance in the Field of Digital Forensics" there was a "Conclusion" (we also got "Conclusion 2"), which was written by ChatGPT itself. We announced a prize to those who would guess the prompt. The exact prompt was not guessed, but we still have a winner.

Your Guesses

Before we reveal who the winner is, let us go through your guesses. Most of guesses were around the following prompts:

  • "Is ChatGPT going to change digital forensics"—in various combinations, we got a few dozen prompts alike
  • "Write arguments for and against regarding the use of ChatGPT in digital forensics and examine whether it is truly capable of revolutionizing the field."—many contestants used the word "revolutionize"

Some other interesting prompts were:

  • "ChatGPT and Its Appliance In the Field of Digital Forensics"—which was exactly the name of the book
  • "The article itself was the prompt"—a couple of replies assumed that. This is a funny guess, but for v.3.5, it was a bit too long (to remind you, it was limited to about 4K tokens or 4K chars, by different sources). By the way, GPT4 has much higher limitations—make sure you keep being subscribed to our newsletter so that you will receive our update on the new version
  • The longest prompt was "Examine the use of ChatGPT in digital forensics and evaluate whether it is truly capable of revolutionizing the field. Discuss the advantages and limitations of using ChatGPT in digital forensics, including its ability to analyze large amounts of data, uncover hidden patterns, and potential for bias. Additionally, consider the impact of the quality of data and the computer it is running on, as well as the language it was trained on."

We liked the fact that many respondents used the word "please" in their prompts—this is what we also do, even working with an AI. Remember, that all your prompts are recorded, and someday the AI can ask you whether you used "please" or not! Kidding… or maybe not.

The Winner

Anyways, the prompt used for the article was as simple as "please generate a sceptical article on ChatGPT application in digital forensics", and the winner's guess was "concerns with ChatGPT in digital forensics."

Now it is time to reveal the winner's name, who is Todd Zwetzig, a criminalist from Weld County Sheriff's Office. Congratulations to Todd! As promised, Todd receives the full license of Belkasoft X (Forensic edition) for one entire year.

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