If checkm8-based acquisition built-in Belkasoft does not work, please follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure your iPhone/iPad model is supported. For example, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are two different models, and iPhone 5C is not in the range of supported devices
  2. Make sure iOS is one of the supported range. Supported range of iOS versions is 12.0 to 16.0 beta
  3. Use original Apple cable
  4. Use USB 3.0 port, preferably directly on the computer motherboard (on the back side, not the ones on the front side of a computer)
  5. Make sure you have iTunes installed from Microsoft Store on your computer
  6. Sometimes checkm8 works from second or third attempt only. Between attempts please reboot the device twice
  7. If the phone was previously jailbroken with other jailbreaks (or many times with checkra1n), it is common that it does not work with checkm8
  8. Phones having MDM tools installed, have issues with checkm8 and checkra1n. The proper acquisition is not guaranteed, it is recommended to unregister them from the corresponding MDM
  9. If the USB Restricted Mode is enabled on the device, you need to put the device into the Recovery mode
  10. Other forensic tools, which support checkm8-based acquisition on Windows, may interfere Belkasoft work. It is recommended to separate these tools
  11. If you suspect that the issue is with the Belkasoft product, try manual checkra1n. If it does not work either, most possibly, you will not be able to acquire the device with software-based methods

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