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Creating reports

Belkasoft X allows you to create various types of reports from almost anywhere within the product.

There are also many options and customizations available.

How to schedule a report

You can run a report from various places in the tool, for example:

  • Any node in Artifacts left pane (artifact type list, case list).
  • Any single item in any artifact list.
  • SQLite Viewer table list or table data.
  • Connection Graph window.
  • Open Street Maps window.
  • Search Results window.
  • Bookmarks window or bookmarked artifact list.
  • Tasks window.
  • Timeline window.
  • Registry window branch values.

There are however, some places where you cannot create report from:

  • Dashboard
  • File System
  • Hex Viewer
  • Plist Viewer

To schedule a report, do the following:

  • Select nodes or items from the item list:
    • If you are creating a report for entire contents of any single node, select it (for example, to create a report for all chats, select Chats node in Artifacts window)
    • If you are creating a report for several nodes, check them in the tree. You can select nodes of different artifact types, e.g. Audios and several chat profiles
    • If you are creating a report for specific artifacts, check them in the corresponding list using leftmost checkbox column:

Once you have selected items for the report, select Create report item in the context menu (right click on a node or artifact list to show the menu).

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