All of us at DFIR are a bit idealistic. You are fighting against offenses. We are trying to make your work easier. Peace is what we truly believe in. And this stretches beyond our jobs.

Christmas and New Year's Eve is a time of anticipation. We all have serious jobs, responsibilities, and ideas about the world's rules. Nevertheless, year by year we, like children, expect miracles, good gifts, and surprises of fate. It's unexplainable.

Unlike children, we can create miracles for others. And that doesn't make it less magical. Quite the opposite!

We would like not to talk about digital forensics, development or new functionality in this blog post. We had a whole year for this!

Many of the Belkasoft team volunteer sometimes or do charity work. We would like to share with you stories which brought some magic into the world.

Ksenia, quality assurance specialist

I have been sorting garbage for 12 years. I bake bread at homeless shelter master classes. I clean up garbage in bays and lakes after irresponsible tourists. I draw cartoons with children in oncological hospitals. I help the elderly.

All charitable organizations in my city are my friends. Is it possible to do nothing when everyone around is so glorious?

The story of how my family and I waited for the hatching of turtles and helped them find the ocean. (click to expand)

Ksenia has many interesting stories related to her volunteer work, but the following story is her favorite.

It was 10 years ago. My family and I were in Cyprus, where we went swimming. There was a crowd and two elderly Englishmen on the chairs near the sign that said "turtles' nest". Everyone was buzzing. Turtles must hatch today or tomorrow! You just need to watch all night.

We ran home for blankets, sandwiches, tea, and have arrived back. There was no one. We were terribly upset.

The next morning we came to this beach again. A local expert said they dug up the nest last night, but it was not fertilized by a turtle.

The man explained that the turtle returns to the beach where it has hatched after a few years of swimming. She digs a hole a meter deep, lays 100-130 eggs, and floats away.

When turtles crawl out everything depends on luck: if there are those nearby who will protect them from cats, birds, the light of hotels on the shore, then most of them will survive. Why keep them away from hotel lights? The light grabs their attention, so they creep in the wrong direction. Therefore, they need help to find the sea.

For the next three weeks, we have been coming to the beach every day. Everyone has been waiting for the new turtles to hatch. Finally, when we despaired and did not come, they hatched! Luckily, my husband decided to go for a check alone and called for us.

To see the long-awaited miracle was fascinating, touching, heart-warming. Everyone paved a path from the nest to the sea and waved to the turtles for a long time.

An employee who wished to remain anonymous even among colleagues

It happened that I became a co-founder of a non-profit organization. My associates and I travel to various organizations with lectures. Our goal is restoring interest in historical board games. We don't let them disappear into oblivion and from the memory of people. We give them a second life.

How are history and board games related? (click to expand)

Nowadays, the interest in board games is very high. However, among the variety of modern games, historical ones, those that stood at the origins, went into the shadows.

Yet they are very fascinating and exciting. I have always been interested in the history and background of events. The same is related to games.

What did influence the emergence of Monopoly? What was at the roots of Carcassonne?

It is very interesting to see how cultural or historical peculiarities affect the nature of people's leisure time in different countries.

Ksenia, marketing manager

I sort waste for recycling, try to reuse clothes, and give them for further use to those in need. I support the World Wildlife Fund and other non-profit organizations: with donations frequently, occasionally as a volunteer. I perform in amateur theater. Anybody can watch it for a donation of their choosing. Sometimes we do shows for free for non-profit organizations.

The story of how we found a rifle in a lake while cleaning the recreation area. (click to expand)

Once I took part in a cleaning action around the lake area. The lake was within the city and at first it didn't look too dirty. But a lot of rubbish was hiding in the bushes. Some garbage has been lying around for so long that local animals used it as a refuge. Just imagine: you lift the package, and a couple of dozen snails are clinging to it from below. They have to adapt.

It is noteworthy that the guys who were cleaning the lake itself were so carried away that they found a rifle at the bottom! Seems it was even loaded.

Jared, Sales engineer

My family personally donates to St Jude’s Research Hospital (child cancer hospital), we volunteer at food drives and donate clothing year round.

We just enjoy helping those less fortunate than ourselves and have a special place in our hearts for sick children due to some close friends who went through childhood cancer.

A story about gifts for four kids of a single mother. (click to expand)

Every year our family picks a less fortunate family to provide gifts and food for the holidays. This year we supported a single mother and her four kids, ranging from 2-12 years of age, ensuring that they all had gifts to open for the holidays and good food. Additionally, we donate clothes and toys year round to local charity stores and food pantries.

Elizaveta, SMM manager

I, like many in my team, sort waste for recycling, and send money to different non-profit organizations. Once I brought clothes and food to a homeless shelter. Recently I have donated blood.

About my failed attempts to help. (click to expand)

In order not to scare off our readers with the unexpectedly holy image of the team, I want to tell you about my failed attempt to help. This also happens.

I have accumulated a whole series of strange stories about my desire to help people on the street. Here is one of them.

Once on my way to the theater, in an underpass, I saw an exhausted woman in rubber slippers. I would hardly be so impressed if it was not winter. She was asking for money. I didn’t ask what kind of help she needed. I just went to the nearest store and bought cereals, pasta, stew, and so on. I bought hot tea nearby.

I went down and asked her to accept my gift. The woman refused. After short negotiations and a categorical refusal, I went to the theater with a package of food and tea.

I asked the cloakroom attendant to take my package.

"Is there any food?"

"There's nothing else but food."

She was looking at me. I was looking at her. We both were keeping silent.

"Is there something made of glass that could be broken?"


She was looking at me again. I was looking at her. She sighed and took my package.


We hope that our stories both touched you and made you laugh. But most importantly, we wanted to say that it is not necessary to wait for magic. It can be created. Christmas and New Year's Eve is the right time to do something good for others.

Perhaps you would like to share your inspiring story too. Please fill out a form to tell it HERE. If there will be any, we will dedicate the next blog post to your stories.

Happy upcoming holidays!

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