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Task statuses

In Belkasoft X Belkasoft X, tasks may have different statuses depending on the activity or success or the operation. These values appear under the Status column:

  • Operation completed successfully: the task completed without problems. When this status appears for an extraction task, for example, it means Belkasoft X extracted all the supported information.
  • Operation completed with errors: Belkasoft X encountered some problems while processing the tasks. When this status appears for an extraction task, it means Belkasoft X completed the task and found some information, but some details might be missing.
  • Operation failed to complete: Belkasoft X failed to perform the task. Unlike the ‘Operation completed with errors’ status, when Belkasoft X uses the ‘Operation failed’ status for a task, it means that Belkasoft X did not find information, did not generate a report, or did not find the search term. The failure—or its effects—is dependent on the type of task Belkasoft X worked on in the first place.
  • Operation canceled: User-canceled tasks (including ones, which were canceled due to the closing of the software) are marked with this status. The information may be incomplete if you cancel a task before it finishes analysis, extraction or report creation.
  • Operation scheduled: This status means that the task is scheduled but is not yet running. Belkasoft X tries to use as much processing power as your machine has, but if there are too many tasks, running them simultaneously will lead to slowing down the entire process, so some tasks are postponed until there is a free processor core.
  • Operation is waiting for user input: Belkasoft X is waiting for you provide some input before it starts or continues performing the task. For example, if Belkasoft X requires you to input the password for an encrypted file, Belkasoft X gives the analysis task for that file the status here. In such a scenario, after you click on Enter missing data, Belkasoft X prompts you to provide the password—and then (after you input the correct password) Belkasoft X continues with the task.
  • Analysis in progress: Belkasoft X is actively performing the task. Depending on the task involved and some variables—the process, the data source (if it exists), selected analysis types and settings, your machine’s CPU speed, amount of RAM available, speed of the source and/or target hard drive, and so on - Belkasoft X may display this status for a fraction or a second or a few days. If you are analyzing a simple or small data source using basic settings, for example, Belkasoft X is likely to perform the task quite fast.

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