Whitepaper: Why Belkasoft should be your tool of choice for Mobile Forensics

Established more than 10 years ago, Belkasoft was mostly famous for its computer forensics tools. However, within the last few years, many DFIR professionals began to choose Belkasoft products specifically for our mobile acquisition and analysis functionality. Belkasoft, along with Cellebrite, was one of the two first companies in the world, which supported the Checkm8-based full file system iOS acquisition on a Windows platform—while most competitors were 6 to 12 months behind with this feature. This was just one of the reasons for the raising popularity of Belkasoft as a mobile forensic tool.

In this article we will describe the mobile forensics support that Belkasoft offers, and why Belkasoft products should be your tools of choice for working with mobile devices, whether in a digital forensic investigation or an incident response case.