Here in the DFIR or cybersecurity community, we are commonly faced with two career path options: spend twenty years building an excellent reputation and gain crucial experience to be a valuable customer consultant, or get off mom’s couch long enough to become a young "hacker" and criminal. The second option, could ultimately lead down a path to becoming a weapon—a defender of the cyber domain, all before moving out of the basement.

Speaking hypothetically, if you would have known 20 years ago that to become a "Highly-Paid Security Consultant" all you had to do was "Hack" something or someone important, become a criminal and spend some time in jail, would you have done it?

All jokes aside, if you have been in the DFIR community for some time and are finally approaching the role of a "Highly-Paid Security Consultant", congratulations on all of your hard work and dedication to making it to the top, we appreciate you.

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