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Connection Graph

Connection Graph is a window, which on a high-level visualizes communications between people involved in the case. This window shows persons as dots (or avatars) and connects them with lines in case these persons had one or more occurrences of various types of communications, such as

  • Call
  • SMS
  • Instant messenger chat, file transfer or voice mail
  • Email
  • and so on

If you do not see Connection Graph window, you can open it by clicking on Connection Graph main menu item.

Connection Graph window consists of the following parts:

  • Entities pane at the left
  • Graph pane in the middle
  • Contact or connection properties pane at the right

When you click on an entity on Graph pane, Belkasoft X displays the entity on the left pane and the contact list on the right pane. When you click on a connecting line on Graph pane, Belkasoft X displays both connected entities on the left pane and the communication between them on the right pane.