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Contacts and entities

It is important to explain notions of contacts and entities. "Contact" is one account in email, or one chat profile or one phone number, while "entity" is something what unites various contacts. For example, if someone owns a smartphone, they may have multiple contacts: email, profile in Snapchat, another profile in Skype or WhatsApp, a few phone numbers. Belkasoft X tries to combine all contacts like that into a single entity so that you can see communication on a higher level.

There are some assumptions on how Belkasoft X unites contacts into entities. It is supposed that there is only one owner of a smartphone and a computer. For other contacts, Belkasoft X tries to unite contacts by some properties, which are already found in the case. Say for instance, if someones WhatsApp account is bound to the same phone number that Telegram account, Belkasoft X supposes that there is just one person behind these two, so it creates an entity, which contains both WhatsApp and Telegram profiles. The same applies to various other types of contacts, which overlap in some properties, such as email, first and last names and so on.

Entities pane

In the entities pane you can see all entities extracted by Belkasoft X from all data sources and all communication profiles in the case (e.g. instant messenger contacts, phone book records, email recipients and so on). Each data source also has an artificial contact of its owner.

You can select single entity in the entities pane by just clicking on it, multiple entities by clicking on entities of interest and holding Ctrl button and a range of entities by clicking with Shift button being pressed. Corresponding entities will be highlighted in the graph pane. On the picture above you can see one of the entities highlighted with the yellow circle, meaning that it is currently selected.

When you click on an entity in the entities pane, you will see available contact details under the selected entity.

The following information will be shown:

  • Avatar (if any)
  • Nickname or first and last name, if available
  • UIN, if any
  • Phone and email, if any

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