[On-demand Сourse] Cyber Incident Investigations with Belkasoft X

Belkasoft offers a self-paced course Cyber Incident Investigations with Belkasoft X. The course is designed for those who already have experience in DFIR and would like to level up their knowledge and gain hands-on experience in using Belkasoft products for solving an incident investigation case in the Windows environment.

What does the course include?

Free 30-day trial license for Belkasoft X for all participants

Training materials including video tutorials, pre-recorded webinars, and articles

Practical tasks

Certificates of completion and achievement (see below)

5 sections

Materials are conveniently divided into sections

3+ hours

The course can take up to a few days depending on time allotted to the course

In this training, you will learn

  • How to hunt for initial infection vector with Belkasoft and what tricks are usually used by hackers to penetrate company's infrastructure
  • How to uncover cyber threat actors' persistence mechanisms
  • How to track potentially malicious files with evidence of execution
  • How to use filtering, timeline and other techniques in order to narrow your search and conduct a successful incident investigation with Belkasoft X


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