The final voting for Forensic 4:cast Awards 2021 has been opened. Belkasoft has prepared a list of nominees that we believe deserve your vote. See our list below and cast your vote!

  • DFIR Commercial Tool of the Year: Belkasoft X. We believe after an entire year of developing, our new product deserves your vote. Here is a separate article on what we achieved last year to make you confident this is the right choice.
  • DFIR Blog of the Year: Maxim Suhanov writes impressively in-depth articles in his blog pertaining to digital forensics, incident response, and reverse engineering.
  • DFIR Book of the Year: Practical Mobile Forensics by Tamma, Skulkin, Mahalik, Bommisetty. This book is perfect for professionals of any level wanting to expand their skill set. Just check the 4th edition of the book to make sure this is the best fit for this nomination!
  • DFIR Non-commercial Tool of the Year: WinTriage. WinTriage is a nice and free triage tool for live and offline systems, compatible with every Windows OS starting XP. The tool, in particular, uses Belkasoft Live RAM Capturer for memory dumping
  • DFIR Show of the Year: Life Has No CTRL+ALT+DELETE. A great podcast hosted by Heather Mahalik with live guest speakers. If you ask Yuri (Belkasoft's CEO), he will recommend Forensic Lunch, which he participates quite regularly.
  • DFIR Social Media Contributor of the Year: Ryan Benson. Check out Ryan's twitter.
  • DFIR Degree Program or Training Class of the Year: SANS. No comments needed. :)
  • DFIR Resource of the Year: This Week In 4n6. Phill does a great job combining hundreds of sources on his website.
  • DFIR Team of the Year: Belkasoft. This excellent team was one of first two teams worldwide to support checkm8-based acquisition for Windows, developed a brand new DFIR product Belkasoft X, extended agent-based iOS acquisition and achieved other world-class results. Despite being smaller than any competitor teams, Belkasoft consists of all hardworking team members and they deserve your support!

This list is based solely on the opinion of Belkasoft team members and only includes the positions we are familiar with. We hope this article will help your decision making easier.

You can cast your vote by clicking the button below:

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