Belkasoft X Help Contents

Belkasoft X Trial Limitations

Most of acquisition and analytical features in trial work the same way they do in the licensed/registered mode. However, in the trial mode, there are a few limitations you should know about:

  • The product works for 30 days only
  • Reports contain 50% randomly selected artifacts
  • No export to Evidence Reader
  • No decryption
  • No cross-case search
  • The trial version does not work on virtual machines. It also requires online or offline activation
  • The following acquisition types are not included into the trial version:
    • Full logical backup of jailbroken iOS devices
    • Agent-based acquisition of iOS devices
    • Checkm8-based acquisition of iOS devices
    • Android filesystem copy
    • EDL acquisition for Android devices with Qualcomm processors
    • Agent-based MTK acquisition of Android devices
    • Advanced ADB acquisition
    • Acquisition of Spreadtrum-based devices