Belkasoft announces the upcoming release of our flagship digital forensics and cyber incident response tool, Belkasoft X.

Among the most important updates there are:

  • Massive update of file-based decryption: a possibility to brute-force passwords using a key dictionary based on a particular case data, use of a custom password dictionaries and use of a customized PKF attack
  • SQLite forensics improvements based on NIST testing of Belkasoft X (showing database properties and tables structure, a possibility to show BLOB data as a picture preview, etc)
  • iOS agent-based acquisition now supports keychain extraction on iOS 14.0-14.3
  • New file system supported: BTRFS
  • New and updated artifacts for mobile, computer, and cloud sources, including recent WhatsApp, Signal and other application versions
  • Export to Semantics 21 format
  • Powerful eDiscovery features

eDiscovery support

Our corporate customers will enjoy the new set of features for Preservation and Collection stages of their eDiscovery processes. Particularly, the following new features are introduced:

  • File filtering by all available fields, including file name and path, date and time ranges, 'is deleted' and even by a hashset
  • Complex filtering, where you can combine simple criteria with AND and OR clauses, create and reuse named filters and so on
  • Export of filtered data to a standard eDiscovery loadfile (Concordance format). You can then load the resulting file into any eDiscovery tool of your choice, including Relativity

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