* * *

—Have you heard the news?

I have.

—The CID has interrogated the father. Other than the ransom amount, there was nothing interesting.

I heard this as well.

—This Mr. Alex is a big shot… Do you know who I got a call from, asking for my intervention?

I didn't and I really didn't want to know either.

—The old man says the kid was fond of computers and even slept, curled up with his laptop.

Well, now this has become more interesting. For the first time during our conversation, I looked at the Chief with curiosity.

—You sure have a lot to talk about today, don’t you boy. Well, I will shut my mouth for now, the guy's laptop is waiting for you in the lab.

* * *

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When: March 11-12, 2022 (11am UTC/12pm CET/6am ET)

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