Belkasoft X Help Contents

Why Belkasoft X?

There are a number of benefits using Belkasoft X, which make it the product of choice with customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. These benefits include:

  • Belkasoft X supports both mobile and computer forensics in a single product as well as memory and cloud forensics
  • Belkasoft X recovers all available data. Does not matter if data is still kept in files or deleted, hidden in unallocated or slack space, the product can easily reveal it by searching inside existing files, carving using file or record signatures, analyzing Volume Shadow Copy and many other forensically important areas (such as, for example, SQLite freelists)
  • Belkasoft X supports all stages of your investigation. Starting from the acquisition phase, where the product helps you to copy a hard drive, create a smart mobile device dump, capture RAM memory and even download Google Drive or iCloud, through analysis, to the creation of reports in various formats. The product simplifies all routine operations of your investigation
  • Belkasoft X can extract 1500+ artifact types right out of the box. Automatic application data extraction, which we call "Low hanging digital forensic fruit", can be enough to solve the vast majority of cases, where you are investigating internet communications, documents or photos. The product knows all popular (and even less known) apps, such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Wickr Me, Skype, Signal, major browsers and mail apps such as Outlook, office formats such as MS Word or Open Office Spreadsheet, so you do not have to know data formats, file locations, signatures for carving files or individual records, encryption schema, and so on. Moreover, the product will find data in all potential places, that is, not only in existing files, but also in Live RAM memory, pagefile or hibernation files, virtual machines, VCS snapshots, unallocated or slack space and so on
  • Belkasoft X is easy to use. Getting first results using "low hanging fruit analysis" is easy as 1-2-3. There are only few things you need to do. These are: After the software finishes searching, all data will be conveniently presented in different perspectives: by file system location, by application profile and by type of data. Timeline will show you all events inside the device sorted by timestamp; bookmarks are used to mark important items; index-based search will find keywords, including GREP search and predefined search (e.g. credit cards, SSN numbers, MAC or IP addresses and so on). The product interface is so simple and intuitive that you can start using it right after the installation, without weeks of paid training that some other products require in order to operate effectively. Though training is always recommended
  • Advanced low-level analysis is available in Belkasoft X. While in most cases automated extraction will be enough, investigations that are more complex may require manual analysis of devices in question. For such types of investigations, Belkasoft X provides the powerful File System Explorer, which shows all volumes and partitions inside the device, existing and deleted folders, VCS snapshots, existing and deleted files. Each partition or file can be reviewed in Hex Viewer, the window assisting you to investigate individual bytes, make automatic type conversions, create bookmarks, run custom carving and apply various encodings
  • Belkasoft X is much more cost-effective and overall a much better value. The product offers more features for a lower price than most other products on the market. Not only does it save you money at the moment of purchase, it also helps you save every year after that with its cost-effective priced renewals. Moreover, our free Evidence Reader allows you to share your work with your colleagues at absolutely no cost, thus saving you even more! Finally, Belkasoft X has a perpetual license, unlike term-based licenses by competitors