Our third BelkaCTF is now finished. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the competition, its plot and tasks. Thanks to every participant, and congratulations to June's winners:
Professional track: Weihan Goh, Spyros Moysiadis, Guo gen Ang
Student track: Hakkı Dizdar, Jaeheon Kim, Денис Габербуш

📄 BelkaCTF #3: “Meet the Boss” write-up

📺 Official solution video

Added at 21:00 CET:
Finally, the Hor’s testimony has arrived... A pile of papers written in dry legislative language. One scrap of paper caught my attention.

A-ha! Looks like it will be easier to access their CRM now. We still lack the Boss’s CRM password though, will need that if our goal is to incriminate him reasonably.
Understood, don't show again

Chief: Looks like we’ve got a problem. Time is running out and we don’t even know where their database is located.

— You mean hosted?

— Hosted-twosted, I need the address, and NOW!

— Well, I am not sure about the physical address, but I can find you the IP.

— Intellectual property? For what? Drugs?

Solved 10 times

What is the IP address their CRM system is hosted at?

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