Our third BelkaCTF is now finished. We sincerely hope you enjoyed the competition, its plot and tasks. Thanks to every participant, and congratulations to June's winners:
Professional track: Weihan Goh, Spyros Moysiadis, Guo gen Ang
Student track: Hakkı Dizdar, Jaeheon Kim, Денис Габербуш

📄 BelkaCTF #3: “Meet the Boss” write-up

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Added at 21:00 CET:
Finally, the Hor’s testimony has arrived... A pile of papers written in dry legislative language. One scrap of paper caught my attention.

A-ha! Looks like it will be easier to access their CRM now. We still lack the Boss’s CRM password though, will need that if our goal is to incriminate him reasonably.
Understood, don't show again

The Chief entered my office smiling. His mood has twisted one too many times today. What if he tried some of the Boss' goods, I thought? A good joke but a risky one. Instead, I gave him my latest findings:

— Chief, basing on what I see here, I suspect the Boss used a USB thumb drive to store his most important info. Did your guys happen to find one of those in one of his residences?

— Did we? — He smirked, — we found a few hundred of them! Any idea of what particular one may be holding his treasury of knowledge?

I sighed, both out of relief that we may have the evidence but also overwhelmed by the sheer amount of thumb drives recovered. Did I have to analyze all of them? Will I have enough time for that? And then it suddenly dawned on me.

— Give me a couple of minutes Chief, I think I know just the way to get that information for you.

Thumb Drive
Solved 31 times

What thumb drive was the Boss actively using?

Format: Make: ..., Model: ..., Color: ...
e.g. Make: Lexar, Model: JumpDrive TwistTurn2, Color: purple+white