This piece presents the findings of our most recent customer survey held at the end of 2019. We asked a range of questions related to our customers' needs, challenges, and preferences. As a result, our research team came into possession of a substantial body of feedback. We will definitely take it into consideration while working on the coming releases of Belkasoft Evidence Center. As for now, we would like to share some insights with you.

With this information in mind, it will be easier for you to evaluate Belkasoft Evidence Center in the context of your challenges and preferences as well as to eventually opt for our tool.

Here is a list of crimes our respondents investigate:

1. Computer Crime—84,7%

In order to prove Belkasoft's point and efficiency here, we can cite this article with an obvious title: 'I Have Been Hacked.'

2. Fraud & Forgery—64,3%

Be the way, in this article we examine how BEC can be utilized to investigate a group of card fraudsters on the basis of a real-world scenario.

3. Child Exploitation—43,9%

In this respect, BEC includes all the most popular messenger apps that can be used by predators and exploiters, including TikTok, while offering advanced capacities to examine illegal pictures.

4. Theft & Handling—42,9%

Belkasoft is really good at it, thus, it can 'automatically extract various forensically interesting things such as credit card numbers, SSNs, MAC and IP addresses,' etc.

5. Harassment / Abuse—37,8%

In order to see what BEC can do here, just click on these two pieces related to fighting workplace bullying.

6. Industrial Espionage—36,7%

Indeed, among other things, Belkasoft Evidence Center can combat intellectual property theft locating 'images that contain embedded text, such as the images of scanned documents, helping businesses counter theft of intellectual property.'

Our participants cite the following reasons to use Belkasoft:

1. User-friendly interface—63,3%

Brett Shavers describes our tool in the following fashion: "Belkasoft Evidence Center lives up to its tagline of 'forensics made easier'. For a near complete automated case work, it works. An intuitive interface and automated processes make processing practically user-error free."

2. Mobile, hard drives and cloud acquisition—56,1%

In fact, Belkasoft not only efficiently obtains data in a regular fashion, but also offers our efficient remote acquisition mode.

3. Fast data extraction—55,1%

BEC guarantees quick extraction even in the most complex cases, including Apple devices. Check you an informative guide here.

4. Number of artifacts and data types supported out of the box - 48%

As you can see here, BEC supports over 1000 types of the most needed artifacts, including over several hundred mobile apps, major doc formats, browsers, email clients, numerous picture and video formats, chat applications, social networks, system and registry files, P2P and file transfer tools, etc.

5. More evidence from deleted and destroyed data—42,9%

Against this backdrop, you can learn more about data carving with Belkasoft here.

Finally, we would like to quote several excerpts left by out customers (some of the statements were slightly edited for more clarity).


'Out of all of the products I have used, Belkasoft has been my favorite. It was able to extract data from a mobile device that no other product could. Simply amazing.'

— US

'I loved how the ease of use and intuitive layout made me feel like an expert almost immediately.'

— South Africa

'I've used RAM Capturer in labs and love it.'

— US

'Belkasoft has always been a consistently good tool to have in our arsenal.'

— United Arab Emirates

'The best low cost forensic investigative computer software.'

— Australia

'I really enjoy the Live RAM Capturer tool. Best I have used.'

— US

'Love the product and it is getting better and better; the product makes you feel like a seasoned specialist.'

— South Africa

'So far the Belkasoft tools have been turning out to be very reliable and they completely fit my needs towards forensics software.'

— Estonia

'It is easy-to-use and has a user-friendly interface. It takes less time as compared to other commercial tools.'

— India

'Good and stable software.'

— Belgium

'I really liked interface of your software.'

— Sweden

'Very impressed with the software. Easy-to-use, the timeline data is incredibly useful.'

— US

'Good tool to have as your DFIR companion.’

— Nigeria

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